What Is New Zealand Whey Isolate and Why Is It the Essential Ingredient of Our Whey Series?

What Is New Zealand Whey Isolate and Why Is It the Essential Ingredient of Our Whey Series?

Product quality is the absolute primary focus at Natreve Wellness. When we formulated our whey protein blends, we had no other ambition than to offer the cleanest and most effective protein powders. This goal left us with no other choice than to use the highest quality protein available: the New Zealand Whey Protein.

New Zealand Whey Protein Is The Healthiest On The Market

New Zealand is known for its wide pastures and abundance in wildlife. It is referred to as God’s country because it looks unbelievably beautiful. This is an ideal place to raise cattle without the need to use hormones and artificial substances to boost lactation. With this, the cows are healthy and they produce high-quality milk which will undergo a special process. 


New Zealand takes pride in its free-range and grass-fed cows. The cows are raised in the wild without the use of hormones and other injected chemicals. Also, the cows get to eat grass as their natural diet instead of relying on feedlots. If you don’t know it yet, grain-fed cattle are notorious for their digestive problems and the accumulation of bacterial/toxins on their bodies.

Aside from that, producers of New Zealand Whey Isolate practice more humane methods of harvesting milk from the cows, which means they only milk the cattle when the season is right. This is a big difference to usual North-American farms where they continuously impregnate cows to sustain the lactation.


The biggest advantage of the New Zealand Whey Isolate is that the cows from where it’s extracted aren’t administered with antibiotics or hormones. You should know that most mass-producing farms will use hormones and antibiotics to boost the lactation of their cows. This might look harmless, but the use of Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) translates to health issues among those who will ingest the protein. It can also lead to antibiotic resistance to some individuals.

Fortunately, New Zealand has a total ban for this substance. With that, naturally raised cows are the gold standard of top whey isolate brands. It may cost more, but nothing beats the safety and quality it provides.

Why We Chose New Zealand Whey Isolate?

Why did we choose New Zealand Whey Isolate as the base ingredient for our protein powder? Simply because we believe to make clean whey protein powder, we needed to use the cleanest source of protein available.

This quality does come at a price, but we do all in our capacity to keep our products affordable, as, in the context of individual health and wellbeing, we feel there is no possible substitute.