Natreve Top Five: 2021 Year in Review

What’s on your 2021 top 5 list?

Maya Angelou says, "If you don't know where you've come from, you don't know where you're going."

It can be rewarding to create a personal top five list and share it with your community. This reflection can anchor you in the present and help guide you forward into the years to come.

Some reflection questions to consider:

  • When you look back on 2021, what are you most proud of?
  • What are your accomplishments and highlights from the year?
  • What did you do that you’ve never done before?

We’re sharing our top five proudest accomplishments of 2021, and then we want to hear from you!

But first…..

 A Note From Our Founder

At Natreve, we’re just as focused on creating premium wellness products as we are on cultivating a community that believes in diversity, equality, and acceptance.” 
- Roland Radu, Founder of Natreve.

2021 Top Five

  1. Stopped over 9 million plastic bottles from entering our oceans
  2. Joined Climate Collective and offset over 2100 metric tonnes of CO2
  3. Partnered with Equality Now to support just rights for women and girls
  4. Supported whole people leadership in AAPI women with CAPAW
  5. Partnered with The Trevor Project to help end suicide among LGBTQ young people

1. Stopped Over 9 Million Plastic Bottles From Entering Our Oceans

Every minute, a garbage truck worth of plastic is dumped into our oceans. That. Is. Staggering. And we wanted to do something about it.



9.3 million bottles, 186,000 kg, or 410,000 lbs. However you look at it, together, we’re making a big impact. So far, in partnership with Plastic Bank®, we’ve stopped this much ocean-bound plastic from entering the oceans.


And since our partnership began in 2019, we have helped improve the lives of over 130 collectors and their families in Haiti and Indonesia.

By partnering with organizations like Plastic Bank®, who have already stopped more than one billion plastic bottles from entering the world’s ocean, we’re making a positive environmental and social impact. Preventing ocean-bound plastic and addressing the inequalities of those most closely affected by ocean debris.

2. Joined Climate Collective and Offset Over 2100 Metric Tonnes of CO2

We're working towards a better future for our planet as a part of The Climate Collaborative. By investing in certified CO2 equivalent reduction projects through GreenPrint and IMPACT COLLECTIVE, we reduce our carbon footprint to reach carbon neutrality.



A portion of every product purchased goes towards carbon offset credits and as of June 2021, Natreve, through our partnership with GreenPrint and IMPACT COLLECTIVE, has offset 2,145 metric tons of CO2. That equals the CO2 emissions sequestered by 2,628 acres of forests in one year.


3. Supported Just Rights for Women and Girls

Natreve is a proud sponsor of Equality Now and shares their vision for a world where girls and women can live safe, fearless, and free!

Natreve has committed to supporting Equality Now’s work by joining the journey towards a just world for every woman, and every girl, everywhere.



Through our partnership with Equality Now, we’re supporting the amplification of voices of those who have been impacted by inequality to drive change.

In addition to highlighting a wide range of issues relating to gender inequality, the partnership will specifically focus on supporting a new campaign within Equality Now’s global push to End Sexual Violence. The campaign will focus on tackling unjust laws and harmful cultural assumptions throughout North, South, and Central America.” 

- B. Subherwal, Advocacy Campaign Manager, Equality Now


4. Supported Whole People Leadership in AAPI Women

We are proud to support Sue Ann Hong and The Center for Asian Pacific American Women in their work to build whole people leadership in AAPI women.

CAPAW’s mission is "to build whole person leaders, one person, at a time.” and we wholeheartedly support their work.

We look forward to providing nutrition education for the 2022 Asian Pacific Women’s Leadership Institute Program.


5. Partnered with The Trevor Project

Natreve is proud to sponsor The Trevor Project. As a corporate partner, Natreve will work with The Trevor Project to help end suicide among LGBTQ young people. The Trevor Project, the world's largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people. As a corporate partner, Natreve will work with The Trevor Project to help end suicide among LGBTQ young people.



We couldn’t have done it without you, #NatreveNation, so these are your accomplishments too. We thank you for your business and all the good you have contributed to this year.

What We’re Looking Forward to in 2022

Every time you purchase a Natreve product, you’re helping stop even more ocean-bound plastic and contributing to our goal of stopping 600,000kgs by 2023.

But there’s so much more! We have some exciting things planned for 2022, and we can’t wait to see all we can accomplish together.

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Now it’s your turn.

What is on your top 5 list from 2021? Share your list with us by tagging us NatreveWellness.