Natreve Interview Series: Natreve Founder, Roland Radu

We’re excited to introduce our interview series. 10 questions answered by our favorite people from our partners, to our employees, to our community. 

Founder and President of Natreve, Roland Radu, fills us in on why he started the company, where the name Natreve originated and about where Natreve is headed. 

You don’t want to miss this, so let’s dive in. 


What is your name and what are your pronouns?

Roland Radu, He/Him 


What's your role at Natreve

Founder and President 


Why did you start Natreve?

I'm a father to two girls and my wish is for them to grow up to have fulfilling lives and to be able to enjoy all the beauty our planet has to offer. These days, there's so much happening in the world that makes the future look not so bright for the next generation. I started Natreve to create meaningful and impactful change so the future is worth looking forward to.

At the same time, after being in the wellness and food industry for over 25 years, I felt we could do better and be better. Do better with efficacy of the products, and be better in environmental and social responsibly. I want Natreve to be a company that gives people a better option for nutrition AND make an impact on society at the same time. 


Where does the name Natreve come from?

Initially, as I sat down, one thing always struck me in human behavior: we always want to reverse things. Reverse aging, the reverse impact on our environment, reverse economic erosion and inequality. No matter how we approach these things, you still want to do them naturally. Hence the Natural Reversing (Nat Reve) of impact, NATREVE, where we make a strong commitment to naturally reversing health damage, environmental damage, and inequality through our community. 


You can only have one smoothie flavor forever. Which do you choose

Hands down my go-to is MOOLESS Cookies & Cream - it's creamy, with bits of real cookies, it's just so delicious and easy to enjoy. 

If you were to explain Natreve to my 3-year-old, Sade, what would you say? 

Sade, Natreve gives you the nutrients you need to grow big and strong, helps to clean the ocean so you can swim with beautiful turtles for many years to come, and support change for a young girl like you so you can have a voice and become whatever you dream to be in the future!


Natreve is known as a mission-driven brand, tell me more about why you chose to partner with Plastic Bank, Greenprint/Impact Collective?

Our environmental impact is a core pillar to why I created this company. Plastic Bank allows us to provide a tangible impact with real results. Through their platform, we are able to truly make a difference in our oceans and continued reduction to waste, while providing economic empowerment to communities around the world. We committed to clean over 30 million plastic bottles in 3 years (we are already at 28 million reclaimed!!) and help over 10,000 families in communities with high poverty rates.

Impact Collective allows us to be carbon neutral and reduce our carbon offsets through investing in renewable energy resources. We have numerous projects that we are able to invest in through solar energy projects, wind farm initiatives, and forest sequestration through replantation of trees.

Our social impact partners are also incredibly important - Equality Now, The Trevor Project and Whole Planet Foundation each play a strong role in uplifting vulnerable communities and we are grateful to be able to support to their important work. 


What are the current goals that the company is focused on?

We want to be the most sustainable wellness company in the world that continues to change lives for the better. We are working to reach and inspire  more people with our mission to Eat Right, Do Good, in hopes of creating a movement towards better health and a better planet. 


What gets you most excited about Natreve's future?

We've been looking at wellness at an individual level while ignoring our environment that impacts so much of our wellbeing. Natreve is leading the next evolution of wellness - one that not only considers individual health but also the health of the collective.

There's so much to be done to create better lives for our customers and the collective community we are all a part of.  

“I am so excited to continue to drive our passion in everything we do, be a positive impact on humanity and our planet while making some breakthrough products! We have some big plans!”