MOOLESS Animal-Free Whey Protein Tour

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Promobile Kitchen for the ‘22 MOOLESS Taste Tour! 

That’s right, MOOLESS is hitting the streets with a live taste tour across the select US states. Find us in LA, Denver, New York, New Jersey, Miami, Chicago, and Boston. 

MOOLESS will change the way you think about protein powder. It’s delicious and offers the same nutrition as conventional whey protein but with much less environmental impact. 

It’s #TheWheyoftheFuture 

You can find MOOLESS online at, on, and at The Vitamin Shoppe and Fresh Thyme locations. 


But you can try MOOLESS for free by stopping by our truck! 


MOOLESS Tour Dates

West Coast

Los Angeles 

5/18 Equinox West Hollywood 12 pm PST 

5/18 Equinox Miracle Mile 4 pm PST 

5/19 Pasadena (corner of E Colorado Blvd and S Madison Ave) 10 am PST 

5/21-22 LA Fit Expo 10 am - 5 pm PST 


5/25 LA (corner of W Wilson Ave and Brand) 

5/26-27 The Vitamin Shoppe

5/28 Santa Monica Pier

5/29 Venice Beach 



6/3-4 The Vitamin Shoppe 

6/5 Denver Fitness & Wellness Festival

6/6 The Vitamin Shoppe 


East Coast


6/23 The Vitamin Shoppe 

6/25 Well Summit 

6/26 The Vitamin Shoppe 



6/30 Chelsea (7th Ave between 24th and 25th

7/1 NoHo Equinox (Broadway and Bond St)

7/2 NYPD Domino Park

7/3 McCarran Park 


Stay tuned for further information on specific locations and times or DM us on Instagram for more info!



What if I can’t make it to the truck?

Not to worry! You can find MOOLESS online at, on, and at The Vitamin Shoppe and Fresh Thyme locations. 


How sustainable is the truck?

The Promobile Kitchen truck uses the best-in-class Honda 7K watt generators that run on an eco-throttle system. This means the engine is on the lowest possible revolutions (thereby reducing emissions) and only revs higher when additional power is occasionally needed. It runs cleaner and emits less than traditional generators.


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