Meet the Farmer: Truly Grass Fed

What is Whey Protein Powder?

Traditional whey protein powder is derived from cow’s milk. There are two common forms of whey; isolate and concentrate, and both are derived from milk and are typically cold-pressed. Learn more about traditional whey protein here


What is Grass-Fed Whey?

Grass-fed whey comes from grass-fed cows, and this simply means that the cows are raised in pastures and eat their natural diets rather than a corn or soy-based diet found at conventional dairy farms. 


Does Grass-Fed Mean the Animals are Treated Fairly?

Yes and no, they are grass-fed, which means they must have exposure to the outdoors and a pasture. But that doesn’t mean they are treated fairly (or with love, care, and compassion). Look for Certified Animal Welfare farms approved by AGW or a similar governing body to ensure animal welfare guidelines are being followed. 

Working with farmers whose values align with ours, ones who are focused on bringing wellness to everyone while maintaining respect for animals and taking a sustainable approach to farming.  That’s why we use Truly Grass Fed whey protein isolate in our Whey and Keto protein powders


What Is Truly Grass-Fed? 

“Distinctively creamy and delicious, Truly Grass FedTM is elevating dairy to a new standard. Strongly rooted in the art of farming but deeply dedicated to sustainability and progress. Wholesome dairy from cows living their best lives outside, grazing on green grass. Diary of the future evolved from the past. That’s the Truly Grass Fed difference.” ~Truly Grass Fed


Premium Pastures

Truly Grass Fed products come from approx 3,000 farms located across Ireland’s green landscape. Truly Grass Fed farmers connect with their herd and keep sustainability and animal welfare at the top of their mind. 

Truly Grass Fed shares that “Each farm has an average of one cow for every two acres and is Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW (A Greener World), an independent nonprofit farm-certification program, which guarantees that animals are raised outdoors on pasture on independent farms their entire lives, using truly sustainable, high welfare farming practices.”


Regenerative Land

Truly Grass Fed focuses on regenerative farming practices, including the Irish tradition of sustainable agriculture, cow-friendly climate, and natural resources.


Happy Cows

All Truly Grass Fed farms are Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW. This is the only organization that guarantees animals are raised on an independent farm using sustainable, high-welfare farming practices.

The Benefits of Truly Grass Fed Whey Protein

✅ Grass-fed cows who spend most of the year outdoors 

✅ Complete amino acid profile and BCAAs 

✅ rBST hormone and antibiotic-free

✅ Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW

Learn more about Truly Grass Fed here


Where to Find Truly Grass Fed Whey

You’ll find Truly Grass Fed whey protein in our Whey Protein Series


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