Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie

Fudgey and delicious, this smoothie feels like Valentine’s Day any time of the year. 



Half a scoop of Natreve Strawberry Shortcake Parfait Vegan Protein

Half a scoop of Natreve Fudge Brownie Vegan Protein

1.5 cups of your favorite plant-based beverage 

½ cup frozen strawberries

½ frozen banana 

1 tsp cocoa powder 



Add liquid to your blender

Add half scoop of each Natreve protein powder flavor 

Blend until combined

Add remaining ingredients and blend until combined

Pour into your favorite cup, sip, and enjoy! 


In case you’re curious, here’s how much powder is in each scoop. 

10.5 grams of protein powder is approximately 1 Tbsp. 

For example, one scoop of Vegan Fudge Brownie is approx. 40 grams so it would be approx. 4 Tbsp. Half a scoop would be about 2 Tbsp.