3 Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep. Get ready to sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep.

We heard those were the original lyrics to Rhianna’s Work, and we have to say, we like it. 

If you want to increase your total sleep time, improve quality of sleep, reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, and reset the body's sleep-wake cycle then these three tips and our Sleep Peaceful Dietary Supplement are for you.

And here’s why: 


Get Yourself To Bed (Early)

Going to sleep when you have enough sleep pressure for a long sleep (aka you’ve been up enough daytime hours for you) but aren’t overtired is your sleep sweet spot. Find that spot and you’ll doze off with ease.

For kids, a 7 pm bedtime is ideal. For adults, 8-9hrs, before you need to wake up, is your goal. How do you know when you need to go to bed? Here’s a simple yet effective calculation:

Time you need/want to wake up - number of hours of sleep you desire = bedtime


You want to get up at 6 am and desire 8 hours of sleep. Your bedtime is 10 pm so your routine (more on that below) needs to start around 9:20-9:30 pm at the latest.


Create a Nightly Routine

As humans, we love consistency. Having the same calming routine every night prepares your body for rest. Start your routine 30-40 mins before your bedtime and aim to go to bed around the same time each night. Every night, give yourself a wind-down routine that could look something like this: 

  1. Have a calming beverage such as tea with lemon and honey or Honey Lemon Ginger Sleep Peaceful
  2. Have a bath or warm shower 
  3. Put on your PJs
  4. Brush your teeth
  5. Read a book, listen to calming music, or listen to binaural beats
  6. Lights out, then night night 💤


Keep it Dark and Keep it Cool

To support your body’s natural rhythm, you want your room dark and cool. Ever been to Vegas and taken a mid-day nap with the AC on and blackout blinds closed and woke HOURS later? That’s the power of a sleep-friendly environment. Alcohol is actually pretty disruptive to sleep so no, it wasn’t the shots at the pool party. It was the environment.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends a room temperature of around 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18-19 degrees Celsius), so cool it down.

If these tips sound fab but you know you’re going to need more sleep support,  try Sleep Peaceful. A combination of amino acids including L-Tyrosine, and L-theanine to promote mood balance and promote relaxation, respectively, herbs such as lemon balm, which is traditionally used in Herbal medicine as a sleep aid, and melatonin which has been shown to reset the body’s sleep-wake cycle.

Give yourself some time, it’s taken you years to learn the sleep habits you have now so it may take time to get into a new habit. Stay with it and know quality sleep is on the other side of any struggle you may feel as you start to make changes. 


Did we miss anything? What’s your best sleep tip? Let us know with hashtag #NatreveWellness